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President in southwest of Tehran:

We must use all our capabilities to the reconstruction of Iran

President Hassan Rouhani said here on Thursday that we have to use all our capabilities to the reconstruction of Iran and the production and export of Iranian goods to the region and the world.

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Thu 06 - August 2015 - 12:48

Addressing a gathering in southwest of Tehran, President Rouhani congratulated the Iranian nation on its braveness and resistance during the past years.
President said the entire region and all are happy about the Vienna deal except the Zionists and warmongers in the US.
He said: “All nations of the region and the world as well are happy with the nuclear deal; now, the path long blocked to our nation to stymie our interaction with the rest of the world, has been wide opened; any achievements in the road to nuclear deal has been the outcome off unity, solidarity and perseverance of the nation.”
He further appreciated the nation for readiness to develop the country.
During the past months, the Iranian nation flaunted its great power all over the world, said the President.
Dr. Rouhani said. “I would have no doubt that as long as our nation is present in different bottlenecks; we will achieve all economic, political, and cultural objectives, since our main driving force is our national energy and cheerfulness.”
Dr.Rouhani lavished praise upon the nation as he said that “our nation displayed its resistance against all superpowers during the war with Saddam Hussein of Iraq; similarly today, we displayed the same level of perseverance and power in politics and diplomacy to the world during the nuclear negotiations; now we see the Zionist regime lamenting the success of the negotiations along with some warmongering circles in the US,” he said.
“It is an honor to our nation who managed a deal after 23 months of demanding negotiations, and returned home with the bacon,” President Rouhani said, which garnered the applause by the public; “our diplomats returned back home with JCPOA as a gift for nation; now we have this door open to the outer world to export our products and invite them to see our historically rich civilization inside,” he emphasized.
Dr.Rouhani touched upon quite different issue as unemployment, admitting that large number of university students with engineering degrees had been languishing at the lethargy of their homes; “this is unacceptable by any standards of conduct; in creating employment, I would refute the idea that advocates a male-centered job creating agenda; all males and females of the country are equal in terms of talent and capability and should receive the same level of attention by authorities,” president concluded.

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