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President in a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister:

Fight terrorism, Backing oppressed nations and making efforts for the establishment of peace and security in the region, Iran’s unchangeable principles / Terrorists will be driven out of the region

President Hassan Rouhnai said, “Backing oppressed nations and friendly governments as well as making efforts for the establishment of peace and security in the region are among the Islamic Republic’s unchangeable goals and principles.”

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Wed 05 - August 2015 - 20:45

He made the remarks in a meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Moallem in Tehran on Wednesday.
President Rouhani emphasized the need for all countries and governments to regard the anti-terror battle as a duty.
President warned of the growing wave of terrorism as a “universal” threat, adding that “terrorists will have no mercy for anyone or anything”.
President further reaffirmed Iran’s unwavering support for the Syrian nation in the face of Takfiri terror groups and
President rejected any military solution to the crisis in Syria, saying Iran will do everything in its power on the political scene to help end the violence.
“We have no doubt that the terrorists will eventually suffer defeat and will be driven out of the region,” Rouhani added.
Moallem, for his part, thanked the Islamic Republic for standing by the Syrian nation over the past four years, outlining the latest developments in Syria’s political arena as well as on the battlefield against the foreign-backed terrorists.
The top Syrian diplomat also hailed the outcome in the nuclear negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, saying the breakthrough could play a positive role in regional developments.

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