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President in an Iftar reception for media persons:

Access to the nuclear agreement will be possible if the other side does not look for excessive demands

President Hassan Rouhani underlined on Tuesday that “Access to the comprehensive nuclear agreement within the framework of Geneva and Lausanne talks will be possible if the other side does not look for excessive demands.”

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Tue 30 - Juni 2015 - 22:13

President Rouhani said in an Iftar feast attended by media persons in Tehran on Tuesday.
President Rouhani noted that Iran’s goal is also to continue the path of peaceful nuclear technology and lift the oppressive sanctions, and said, “I believe that if there will not be excessive demands, the negotiations can have win-win outcome.
President said in case of striking a final nuclear deal, both sides should show their commitments to the possible final agreement.
President said: “If the nuclear agreement is achieved we will be committed to fulfill it, but of course it is obvious that the other side will also be committed to fulfill it.”
“If one day they ignore the agreement, the Iranian government will be fully ready to reverse the path more seriously than what they can even dream of,” the president added.
Dr.Rouhani underlined that his government has been confronting the propaganda against Iranians and the Islamic Republic of Iran’s system concerning building weapons of mass destruction and lack of interaction with the world countries.
“The Iranian government and nation have never been looking for threatening others and WMDs,” President Rouhani said.
President Rouhani said that the other goal of the negotiations is exposing this reality that Iran is seeking logic and dialogue with others to resolve the problems at the negotiating table, and said, “They accuse Iran is their propaganda in this way that Iran does not seek interactions with the world people and it is looking for fight, interference and confrontation and resolving Iran’s problem has only one solution which is war and imposing social and economic sanctions to make Iran quit its decisions.
President said that the path of interaction and dialogue was pursued in a more serious manner during past 22 months of negotiations, adding, “I believe these negotiations can have win-win result for both sides because if the other side claims that it wants to prevent production of nuclear weapons in Iran, although Iran has never been looking for it and it will never do so, this goal will be materialized for them because we are able to explain the way and path of the system in nuclear issue quite well.”

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