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President in a gathering of people in Bojnurd:

Iran not afraid of sanctions and fight against it

President Hassan Rouhani said his administration is not afraid of sanctions but would fight for their removal.

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Sun 14 - Juni 2015 - 11:43

Speaking to a gathering of people in Bojnurd on Sunday, the President added that even if sanctions are not lifted, the government would do its best to remove economic problems and improve people's life.
Sanctions will be removed by the help of people, God willing, he said.
President Rouhani underlined that government is not using negotiations for removal of sanctions as a tool to amuse people but it is doing its best to remove the embargos in the UN.
He added that the government would not allow the West to continue its cruelty and sanctions against Iran and violate the rights of Iranian nation.
He promised to continue efforts for boosting the country's economy.
The President referred to the economic pressure of sanctions on common people, adding that those who suppose sanctions are unimportant are not aware of the people's pocket.
Those who are against negotiations are ill-wishers who imported goods from abroad 10-15 percent higher than the normal price, the President added.
He said that government is committed to develop the country and remove the sanctions and it will withstand against those who have interests in foreign embargos.
President Rouhani reiterated Iran would continue nuclear enrichment and at the same time strengthen the country’s economic pillars. “This government will not stay put and wait to see whether the other negotiating side would accept our terms or not; we have already taken measures to improve the welfare of our people and will continue doing so,” he said.
Government has the support of Supreme Leader and nation and will use all its capacities to convince UN to remove Iran's sanctions, Dr.Rouhani underlined.

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