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President in a press conference with the members of Iranian and foreign media:

Final nuclear deal possible if other side respect Iran’s natl. interests

President Hassan Rouhani says the achievements of his administration in safeguarding the nuclear rights of the Islamic Republic are a big victory for the Iranian nation.

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President made the remark in a press conference in the Iranian capital, Tehran, with the members of Iranian and foreign media.
In his introductory remarks, President Rouhani said people’s epic participation in the presidential election in 2013 showed that they sought a bright economic and political future.
President Rouhani expressed gratitude for Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei for supporting the Iranian negotiators.
The administration, he said, has done its best to make good on all of its campaign pledges, including the betterment of economic and political conditions and the enhancement of relations with the world.
He said that, in addition to the nuclear rights of the Iranian nation, their right to have access to the world market is also one that has to be safeguarded.
He said that Iran will do its best for agreement respecting all right of nation.
In line with this objective, the Iranian administration launched negotiations with world powers, he added.
President said that, today, no world country doubts Iran’s right to the enrichment of uranium. He said this is the biggest achievement in the safeguarding of the nuclear rights of the country.
“What we have gained so far is a big victory for the Iranian nation,” he said.
President said that final nuclear deal possible if other side respect Iran’s national interests.
He said the sanctions imposed against Iran are both cruel and inhumane as the sanctions even targeted foodstuffs, medicine and medical equipment, among other basic things.
“No one should doubt that sanctions have been cruel,” he said.
The scale of the sanctions was vast, he said, but the administration has managed the effects of the sanctions through its policies over the past two years.
“The administration has well managed and will manage the sanctions,” he said.
President Rouhani is now taking questions from members of Iranian and foreign media on different political, economic and social fields.
We are doing our best to reach an agreement with the P5+1 that abides by all the red lines and that safeguards all the interests of the Iranian nation, the president said responding to a question by a reporter.
He said the Islamic Republic is very serious in the negotiations and, while it is in no rush for an agreement, it will draw on all of its capabilities to achieve one.
Responding to another question on the nuclear negotiations, he said the talks are progressing in general, although there are disagreements.
The president said the removal of the sanctions will be simultaneous with the implementation of the deal, but, he said, there remain differences over the simultaneity of the lifting of the sanctions with the measures by Iran under the deal.
He said, however, that Iran’s negotiating partners, once having reached certain general agreements with Iran, once again resort to bargaining in future sessions of negotiations. If this continues, President Rouhani said, the negotiations may last longer.
To another question, President Rouhani responded that the mechanism and timeframe of the implementation of the measures that Iran and the P5+1 would commit themselves to under a potential deal are still being discussed in the nuclear negotiations.
Iran’s potential voluntary acceptance of the Additional Protocol, the president said, would merely be to belie the false accusation that Iran is after building nuclear bombs.
Responding to a question on whether Iran will allow inspections of military sites and interviews with Iranian nuclear scientists as part of a potential deal with the P5+1, President Rouhani said the country will never allow its state secrets to be accessed by foreigners under the pretext of international treaties or conventions.
Responding to an economic question, President Rouhani said the administration has sought to slow down the rate of inflation growth, which has already been accomplished.
Speaking on the regional policies of the Islamic Republic, the president said the administration is committed to helping regional countries maintain their stability, particularly through providing help in the fight against terrorism.
In response to a question on US new bases in Iraq, Dr.Rouhani said that the Islamic Republic of Iran was committed to helping countries in the region to maintain stability, especially on fighting terrorism; “we had predicted the conditions in the region and accordingly, we proposed WAVE (World Against Violence and Extremism), and fortunately, it was approved in the General Assembly; however, in action, little has been done; we do not have military personnel in Syria or Iraq; however, we provide advice in fighting terrorism to these countries; in Syria we want public participation in deciding their own destiny,” he asserted.
“Iraqi disintegration would mean a critical novel conditions for all countries in the region and the Islamic Republic of Iran would work to avoid such critical conditions which would undermine our territorial integrity; about Iraq and Syria as well, some circles in the US have proposed disintegration, to which we would respond with condemnation as an act conducive for their own interests and to the destruction of the national borders in the Middle East,” Dr. Rouhani responded.
The people, and has – to the best of its capabilities – taken a number of steps toward that direction.
He described unemployment, particularly youth unemployment, as a serious issue and said the main concern of his administration in its two remaining years in office will be addressing unemployment.
Responding to a question on the cultural policies of the administration, President Rouhani said that once a concert has received the necessary legal authorization to be held, any interference by unrelated organizations to have it cancelled is a violation of the people’s rights.

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