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President in a ceremony marking the 26th anniversary of the passing of the late founder of the Islamic Republic:

Iranians will smash sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani said the Iranian nation is determined to resist against unjust pressures, smash sanctions and foil the plots hatched against their country.

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Wed 03 - Juni 2015 - 22:06

He made the comments in a ceremony marking the 26th anniversary of the passing of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini on Wednesday.
Dr.Rouhani emphasized the importance of the teachings of Imam Khomeini with regard to maintaining national unity and solidarity.
Praising the leadership and statesmanship of late Imam Khomeini in leading the Islamic Revolution to victory in 1979, he said, 'Imam Khomeini's message resonates in our people's mind enabling us to stand against the plots hatched by the major powers in the region.'
The Iranian government would continue to “safeguard the national interests” of Iranians who will dismantle the sanctions regime, Rouhani stated.
Iran has not only resisted and secured peace inside the country, Dr.Rouhani added, it has also assisted the regional nations and will maintain doing so.
President says enemies will not be able to slow down the Islamic Republic’s progress, stressing that the country will thwart all conspiracies against it.
'The Iranian nation is helping the peoples of Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and other regional nations in their fight against terrorism, violence and extremism. Relying on Almighty Allah's power, we can ultimately defeat these machinations.'
President Rouhani also criticized certain governments in the region which he said are misusing their natural resources and are purchasing arms to use them against oppressed nations such as Yemeni nation.
Referring to the sharp drop in crude oil prices from 120 dollars per barrel to 40-50 dollars, he said Iranian have proved successful in the face of challenges for the last 36 years.

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