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President in a large crowd in Qom:

The government’s approach is to save economy, revive ethics and establish constructive interaction with the world / Iran not to accept imposition, sanctions in talks

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran will continue its nuclear talks with logic but will not accept any sanctions or imposition.

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Wed 25 - Februar 2015 - 12:00

The President made the remarks while addressing a large crowd in the religious capital of Iran, Qom.
He reiterated that his government is committed to the promises it had made at the beginning of his presidency 18 months ago.
“The government motto was to save the economy, revive ethics and establish constructive interaction with the world. We will continue our way relying on the supports given to us by the Supreme Leader and people,” stressed the President.
President reiterated Tehran’s determination to continue moving towards scientific progress.
Referring to the ongoing nuclear talks, president said, “The talks should lead to lifting of all unfair and illegal sanctions against Iran.”
The President noted that parts of the anti-Iran sanctions were removed following the Geneva deal reached between Iran and Group 5+1 in November 2013.
He stressed that sanctions are an act of tyranny against Iranians while development is their legitimate right.
President Rouhani said he and his government will always respect critics but “there is no place for saboteurs.”
He further said that significant steps have been taken without going to the margins in the field of Foreign Policy, particularly in Iran’s relations with its neighboring states and resolving the nuclear dispute.
Considering the current issues of radicalism and terrorism in name of Islam, Dr.Rouhani asserted that Islam is the religion of moderation, rather than violence, suffering, and difficulty.
The president stressed that his government needs the support of senior clerics of Qom as they have played and will continue to play a significant role in the country.

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