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The government take positive steps to gain mastery in the field of space / New aerospace successes likely by the next two years

President said Iran will gain new achievements in the field of aerospace by the next two years and the speed to reach the next stage will be faster due to the latest structural developments in the field.

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Tue 17 - Februar 2015 - 09:39

President Hassan Rouhani visited an Exhibition on Achievements of Iran's Latest Space Technologies in fields of satellite systems, aeronautics, space extruders, mechanics, materials, energy and space transportation systems here on Tuesday.
Ministries, universities and research institutes of the country showcased their latest locally-achieved space attainments in the exhibition today.
After visiting the exhibition of space achievements, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who was accompanied by several high-ranking Iranian officials, said on Tuesday that one of the areas that Iranian scientists were active in the past and have shown good achievements is the field of aerospace.
He pointed to the positive steps taken and progress made to gain mastery in the field of space and using satellite to meet the needs of the country.
Calling it a new chapter in Iran’s aerospace achievements, President Rouhani pointed to the successful launch of domestically-made National Fajr Satellite into orbit earlier this month.

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