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President invites nation to Revolution anniversary rallies

President Rouhani has invited the public to demonstrate unity and solidarity during the Feb. 11 rallies on the occasion of anniversary of the Islamic Revolution.

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Mon 09 - Februar 2015 - 15:09

While extending his congratulatiions on the 36th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution on February 11, President Rouhani deemed the occasion the country’s greatest victory on the national and international scene, adding "Iran’s nation has managed to permanently leave behind all traces of monarchy and oppression on this day and constitute a national and Islamic government based on religious democracy."
He described the public’s participation in the nationwide rallies on February 11 ‘the continuation of the path of Islamic Revolution and Imam Khomeini (RA).’
"The stronger and more passionate their participation will be, the more the world will know our nation has integrity and national unity, and no doubt people from all walks of life will participate in the rallies with more enthusiasm than previous years,” said Rouhani.
President Rouhani maintained that the nation’s powerful presence in the social scene would facilitate the overcoming of the country’s current issues; “with their enthusiastic participation in the rallies, the country would no doubt combat economic issues and issues related to the nuclear negotiations much easier. We can also face up to the excessive demands of the West in all international issues with more strength and defend our national interests in far simpler and inexpensive ways.”
President Rouhani also warned against partisan slogans during the rallies, instead inviting people to reinforece national unity and solidarity as befits the occasion of Feb. 11.

Code: 84531

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