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President in 32nd ceremony of Iran’s Book of the Year Awards:

The Islamic Revolution is the revolution of moderation

President Hassan Rouhani said that the Islamic Revolution of Iran was the moderation of revolution and in the context of this revolution, there was no burning of books and wisdom.

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President Rouhani, speaking in 32nd ceremony of Iran’s Book of the Year Awards and the 22nd round of Iran’s Intl. Book of the Year Awards, stressed the role authors and publishers have to play in their societies.
President Hassan Rouhani, inaugurating the event with his speech, asserted that Iran’s Islamic Revolution stems from books and writings of Imam Khomeini and it were a revolution of minds and thoughts. He said “all writers and scholars have to revitalize the freshness of Iran’s Revolution and its concepts.”
President Hassan Rouhani urged the public to learn the proper procedures of criticism, saying the fact that two people walk with each other does not matter; rather, where they head for and what the result is.
Considering criticism in book and publishing arena, Dr.Rouhani highlighted that critics have to be just and fair and criticism has to consider the nature and essence of a subject rather than the marginal issues.
President Rouhani, meanwhile, emphasized that the books have to be evaluated by professionals of the field and the government has to leave the assessment process to the scholars and authors. “The writers and publishers have to help us with defining the evaluation system,” he added.
He also emphasized on the need to limit the censorship principles to certain categories and described morality, security and national interests as the defining themes of censorship. He added this arena has to be handed to the outstanding authors and publishers as well.
Noting the low rate of reading in Iran he called for examination of the issue by writers and urged them to offer solutions to the government.
The president meanwhile said all obstacles in the way of publishing a book, from writing to spreading, must be removed.
He also urged the Revolutionary authors to clarify about the ambiguities and explain the Islamic Revolution explicitly for the youth and help them to maintain the concepts of independence and freedom.
Stressing that authors have to boost hope, President Rouhani concluded that writers have the task of promoting unity in the country and decreasing the tensions in the world to create a peaceful universe.

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