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President in a meeting with the elites and veterans in Isfahan:

Government has taken great steps to resolve the water problems in Isfahan province

President Rouhani said the people of Isfahan province are the pioneers of the Islamic revolutionary movement in the country and said: "There is no doubt that the Islamic revolution of Iran did not win without sacrifice and the elites, seminary professors, scholars, merchants and people."

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Wed 04 - Februar 2015 - 18:31

President Rouhani said in a meeting with the elites and veterans in Isfahan province, "the people of Isfahan province still influence events in the history of the country, especially after the victory of Iran’s Islamic revolution is the pioneers of this revolution maintenance and preservation."
President Rouhani pointed to the sacrifices of the people of this province throughout the war imposed on the country.
President explained that the enemies unite in order to eliminate the Islamic Revolution and violate our independence, saying: "all the nations of the world have made efforts to defeat the Islamic revolution in Iran."
President said: "There are some problems in Isfahan province and we have to solve this crisis with the help of scientists, experts and intellectuals."
President Rouhani said: "The Iranian government has taken great steps to resolve the problems of water in the province."

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