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President in a meeting with Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia:

All countries should strongly deal with violence and terrorism

President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday in a meeting with first Deputy Premier and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Croatia Vesna Pusić stressed that Tehran welcomes expansion of economic and cultural cooperation with Zagreb.

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Sun 25 - Januar 2015 - 18:49

Congratulating successful presidential election in Croatia and election of first ever female president in Croatia, he said Tehran and Zagreb have always had good relations and the two governments back expansion of all-out relations and cooperation.
President Rouhani said that clinching the final deal for nuclear dispute requires political determination of the western governments.
The two sides held good negotiations in the past and clinching the final deal sounds very close, said President Rouhani.
In the contemporary world, stability, security and developments of all countries are interrelated, Dr.Rouhani said adding that instability and lack of security in one country or the region could engulf other countries or nearby regions.
The president said that under the current circumstances, all countries should help restore stability and security mainly those countries which can leave vital impacts such as Iran in one side and the European Union states, on the other.
The contemporary world is not scene for challenges and the Islamic Republic of Iran seeks to resolve issues through logic, rationality and negotiations, he said.
Iran calls for peaceful of nuclear technology and is to take advantage of its rights enshrined by Non-Proliferation Treaty, he said.
Final nuclear deal will be to the benefit of sides, stability, security and peace of the region as well as the entire world, said President Rouhani.
The accord will give both sides enough chance to develop and bolster relations, he underlined.
When terrorists from various countries will gather in Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria, they will convey their views after they back home -- the western countries, he underlined.
To deal with violence and terror, all should be united and adopt a unified stand in dealing with violence and terror and Tehran and Zagreb could help restore peace in the region, Europe and the world, Rouhani said.
Croatian foreign minister, for his part said the speech delivered by the Iranian president at UN General Assembly in 2013 truly conveyed the message of Iranian nation.
'We understood that you are looking for a new start and it was a good message for those seeking peace and stability,' she said.
'There is no doubt that your initiative will leave positive impacts on Iranian relations with the world,' she said.
She described nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 very positive despite many ups and downs and said anyone who seeks peace and stability of the world is hopeful for clinching final deal between Iran and G5+1.
'We believe that without a stable Iran, the regional crises cannot be resolved, consequently clinching the final deal with Iran on nuclear program is of prime importance,' she said.
It is necessary to praise your efforts along with the Iranian foreign minister in resolving nuclear issue, she said.

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