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In a meeting with the Head of Georgian Parliament:

President calls for stronger cooperation between Tehran-Tbilisi / Tension among neighboring states harms regional stability

President Hassan Rouhani stressed on Sunday the importance of further development of relations between Tehran and Tbilisi.

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Sun 25 - Januar 2015 - 13:31

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with the speaker of the Georgian Parliament David Usupashvili in Tehran.
President stated that Iran is seeking the strengthening of cooperation between two countries.
Referring to historical and cultural relations and affinity between Iran and Georgia, he called for boosting of relations and making use of existing potentialities in all fields.
President has declared that despite the capacities and facilities in Iran and Georgia, economic relations between the two countries is limited, said It will be advisable to give much play active role to the privates sectors to bolster and broaden scope of economic cooperation between the two countries, he said.
Dr.Rouhani said that energy is one of the appropriate grounds for extensive cooperation between the two countries, added that Georgia could help Iran export its gas to Europe and also connect the country's North to South rail track corridor linking Georgian ports to Persian Gulf and Sea of Oman.
President added that Islamic Republic of Iran is also ready to broaden scientific and cultural cooperation with Georgia.
To restore peace and stability to the region, all should respect each other's geographical borders and try to resolve disputes through negotiations, said President Rouhani.
President emphasizes on the importance of cooperation between two countries in regional issues and said that in regional issues there is no way but to establish stability and security.
All countries in the region should cooperate to help resolve regional disputes in order to restore stability and security, he said, adding that all should keep in mind that problems and disputes should be resolved through talks.
President said there should be friendly and close relations between religions, cultures and thoughts.'We believe that all should respect divine prophets and religions,' underlined President Rouhani.
It is necessary for all countries to strongly deal with extremism, violence and terrorism, President said.
Close cooperation between the two parliaments would help expand relations between the two countries, Dr.Rouhani said and called for exchange of more visits between the two sides' parliamentarians.
The speaker of the Georgian Parliament David Usupashvili said there is very good economic cooperation between the two countries and Georgia is determined to broaden such cooperation.
The two sides should take significant steps to broaden cooperation in various sectors, said the Georgian parliament speaker.
'Under the current complicated situation in the region, we hope relations between Iran and Georgia would turn into an exemplary model for the region as well as the world,' he said.
He expressed the hope that positive results of nuclear talks between Iran and G5+1 would help expand economic cooperation with other countries of the world including Georgia.
The Islamic Republic of Iran can play a positive role in establishing peace and stability in the region mainly in South Caucasus, said the Georgian parliament speaker.

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