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President at the administrative council meeting:

Need for taking longer strides in different sectors of peaceful nuclear technology

Emphasizing that we should increase real national power on Wednesday, President Rouhani said the national power would increase by revival of the culture of sacrifice, martyrdom, resistance, and the increasing production and development of industry.

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Wed 14 - Januar 2015 - 11:21

President said in a meeting of the administrative council of the Southern province of Bushehr which hosts Iran's first nuclear power plant.
President emphasized on the need for unity and coordination to use opportunities for development of the country.
President Rouhani pointed to the situation of the region stressed on the balance of development between north and south of the waterway in Persian Gulf, said: “We must preserve the North of the Persian Gulf as an important region in the Middle East, including the waterways.”
"The safety, well-being and development are possible through investment and we need to attract investment to develop the country in various agricultural, industrial and services sectors," he added.
President underscored the country's progress and capabilities in the field of nuclear technology, and said Iran should join the club of countries which build nuclear power plants.
"We are the first country in the region with an atomic power plant, and using the peaceful nuclear technology will further develop after two other power plant units will come into operation (in Iran)," said Dr.Rouhani.
Stressing the need for taking longer strides in different nuclear sectors, he said, "Due to the plots exercised by others, Iran has paid more prices to use this technology and it should, thus, use its advantages more; hence, Iran should turn into a country which builds (nuclear) power plants."

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