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President among reporters in press conference:

11 key projects launched in Bushehr

Stressing the need for the government to provide infrastructures and foundation for improving and execution of the plans in the province, President Rouhani urged local officials and people of the province to be more active in advancing the projects determined by the government.

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Wed 14 - Januar 2015 - 11:47

President made the remarks in a press conference in answering the questions of reporters in the Province.
President underlined enormous cultural common grounds with Persian Gulf Arab countries and said: 'All of us take pride in Islam and follow the traditions of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH),'
Dr.Rouhani said that Bushehr should play a more active role in building good relations with southern neighbors.
President Rouhani also said that executive operations on a project to develop Bushehr port city began today (Wednesday) and that once completed, the capacity of loading and unloading in this major port would more than double.
Pointing to the concerns expressed by the reporters over the hazards and harms of the nuclear plants for the people nearby, he rejected the claims and said, “The plants are under the supervision of IAEA and international agencies posing no environmental or human threats to the people living nearby.”
President Rouhani concluded by expressing his gratitude for all national and local media outlets and reporters.
Pointing to the high capacity of Bushehr in tourism, President Rouhani unveiled projects for building two tourism villages in order to boost tourism industry and attract more investments and money toward the economic stream of the province.
He also pointed out to construction of two dams with purpose of solving water problems and boosting the economy of the province.

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