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President in a meeting with investors and businessmen in Bushehr Province:

Iran seeks good ties with all neighbors

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that Iran is keen on good relations with all the neighbors and it is a mistake if anyone among the neighboring states thinks the otherwise.

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Tue 13 - Januar 2015 - 18:28

'We do not wish to stand against any of the neighbors and act against them; we want to have good neighborly ties especially southern states of the Persian Gulf.'
He said strife, conflict and interference are harmful. 'Such moves will not reap any benefit for anybody. The Islamic Republic of Iran neither intends to interfere nor will accept any interference.'
The president said that Iran favors win-win strategy in diplomatic relations with all the neighboring states serving interests of all.
'We have had historical and cultural relations with the neighboring countries, no matter they are Muslim or non-Muslim. The neighboring countries have well received the message in this government that we seek good and brotherly relations as well as good-neighborly ties with all.'

Code: 83836

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