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President in a Visiting of Bushehr atomic Power Plant:

Bushehr Nuclear Power Plant is a symbol of a nation’s resistance/ Iran insists on the use of various and diversity energies / Iran seeks peaceful uses of atomic energy

President Hassan Rouhani stating on Tuesday that Bushehr atomic Power Plant is a symbol of resistance of Iranian nation, announced of construction two more nuclear reactors in Bushehr for peaceful use of nuclear energy.

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Tue 13 - Januar 2015 - 17:56

President Rouhani made the remarks after visiting of Bushehr Atomic Power Plant.
President Rouhani said : 'The Bushehr Power Plant differs with the nuclear reactors in other countries, since this reactor is the symbol of a nation's steadfast resistance.'
He added that the western companies were initially scheduled to construct the plant, but they breached the contract,the construction and operation of the plant represent to the world that when a nation has a resolve to achieve a goal and takes steps in that respect and wants to preserve its rights, it will definitely achieve its goal.
President Rouhani added: "Bushehr atomic power plant is an example that reflects this fact that Iran is seeking to develop and produce electricity from nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.The president meanwhile revealed the fact that Iran is working on use of various types of energy.
'Today, using the nuclear power in electricity generation is a necessity, because on the one hand using the fossil fuels for the purpose is not economically justifiable, and on the other hand those fuels are not renewable and will end, that is why replacing them with modern technologies is required,' he said.
President said that the Bushehr power Plant is a sample proving that Iran is merely after taking peaceful use of the nuclear energy, particularly for electricity generation.
'The efforts have been made by our nation is in the framework of the decision of the Iranian Parliament and the Supreme Energy Council, based on which a portion of the country's electricity demands must be produced through nuclear energy,' he added.
The Bushehr Power Plant is currently producing 700 megawatts of electricity with a nominal capacity of producing 1,000 megawatts.

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